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Systimber Duobeams is a new sustainable semi-finished product for timber construction. The circular timber frame system from Belgian origin is patented worldwide. With our Systimber Duobeams, modern equipped timber constructors can easily and successfully expand their own market. 


Systimber Duobeams is an innovative building process that allows you to build quickly, easily and efficiently with solid wood. Any construction can be designed, produced and installed in a very short time. The innovative timber link construction system has won several awards and hundreds of outbuildings and houses have already been built using our method.


Bouwinnovatie Award voor duobeams

Systimber Duobeams won the coveted architect’s prize at the Building Innovation trade fair, an award that it received because of the innovative and at the same time simple and practical character of the system. In addition, building with Systimber Duobeams offers cost-saving possibilities.

The Wood Cup – the coveted award presented at the Wood & Habitat Fair – highlights Belgian wood professionals who have stood out the past year with an innovative product, technique, original application or inspiring wood realisation.

What are Systimber


A Systimber Duobeam is composed of two glued together spruce beams and measures 78 x 158 x 13500mm. The duo beams are provided with 2 rolled EPDM seals and are finished with a protective colour stain. The beams are connected by using steel spacers that screw into each other. A fast and meccano-simple timber construction system.

How does it work?

We use the same beam for floors, walls and roofs. This ensures that you can build quickly and efficiently. The construction rests on a floating floor plate on screw piles, which makes assembly possible on any surface, even hills and above water, and in places that are difficult to access. 



The Systimber spacers are screwed together head-to-toe and position the beams at an exact multiple of 150 mm. An expansion joint is left between each beam to ensure that each beam can ‘work’ on its own without affecting the dimensional stability of the whole. The double EPDM seals keep the joints permanently closed and provide the thermal and acoustical insulation.

systimber duobalken uit vurenhout

one beam for everything

finished right away

on time delivery

no stock costs

all colors, also bi-color

Architectural freedom with homely comfort

Together with the client, you immediately create the design of their dreams, without restrictions. A garden studio, pool house, care unit, renovation or mansion…


Living in a Systimber Duobeams building is healthy and advantageous. The solid wood breathes and regulates moisture, the excellent basic insulation creates an optimal indoor climate. Moreover, the system dampens interior and exterior noise.


A Systimber ‘shell’ is ready to use, extra final finishing is possible but not a must and thanks to the thin floor, roof and wall construction, you gain 15% indoor space. Your client saves time and money.

Circular and sustainable
timber construction

Building with Systimber Duobeams means building sustainably. We use renewable raw materials from FSC-certified forestry. Subsequently, there is little energy consumption (minimal CO² emission) in production, transport and occupation. In addition, the system is demountable, movable and the beams are reusable. The unique floating floor slab with screw piles allows installation with minimal impact on the environment.

About us

“The construction sector needs to be greener and simpler, and wood is part of the solution.” 

With this vision in mind, Wolfgang Verraes and Karel Vervaet launched a new patented solid wood construction system in 2015 that did away with the traditional shortcomings of wood construction and immediately applied the principle of circularity to private housing construction.

After successfully launching the Systimber Duobeams timber construction system on the private Flemish market, we set up our own production in Ghent in 2020 with far-reaching automation of the production process. Now, we are taking a new step in our growth by making the unique timber construction system available to all equipped timber constructors who want to help build a simpler and greener world.
wolfgang verraes en karel vervaet duobeams


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